Monday, January 11, 2010

Blood Orgy of the Leather Girls

Screening Thursday January 28th Doors 7pm Movies 8pm.

Michael Lucas Curates

Blood Orgy of the Leather Girls tells the story of four high school girls and the drastic changes in attitude each of them undergoes in a particularly momentous (and violent) twenty-four hours.

The four girls, led by Sarah (a Jewish girl with a Hitler fixation, played by Robin Gingold), react against the tedium of their lives with random violence. After the boy-crazy Rawhide (Melissa Lawrence) sees the religious Dorothea (Simone Margolis) pass out at the afternoon tea dance at St. Jerome's School for girls, she realizes that Dorothea has been assaulted and the level of violence perpetrated by the girls increases drastically as the boys and hunted down, captured and subjected to brutal torture at the hands of the Amazonian Fleabrain ( Jo Ann Wyman).

Assorted dissections, dismemberments, castrations, disembowelments, tortures, knife fights, cold-blooded shootings, drug hallucination "freak out" scenes and philosophical digressions mantain the film's delirious narrative.

Although this picture has never received an official release or distribution a fantastic soundtrack from Planet Pimp Records is available at your nearest Wal-Mart. Pick one up today.

Mr. Lucas will be present to discuss this picture as well as show us some of his favorite clips in pre-show.

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