Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Screening Weds. Nov. 17th

Wheedle’s Groove is a feature documentary about Seattle’s long-lost soul and funk music scene of the 1960s and 70s. With commentary by Seattle notable music figures like Quincy Jones, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Mark Arm (Mudhoney), Ben Gibbard (Death Cab For Cutie), Ben Shepherd (Soundgarden), Kim Warnick (The Fastbacks) and Kenny G, and using interview footage, archival materials, original music, and live performances, the film paints a picture of a thriving and vibrant music scene centered around the city’s small African-American population.

Due to a century of housing discrimination in Seattle, 1972 saw 80% of the city’s black population living in a four square mile neighborhood called the Central District, or the C.D. Despite the neighborhood being a product of racism, black-owned businesses, black culture, and black music thrived in the C.D. Groups like Black on White Affair, The Soul Swingers, and Cold, Bold & Together played on the local black radio station KYAC and packed clubs every night of the week. Many of the groups started to receive widespread attention with invitations to perform on national television and to collaborate with mainstream acts. Many were given breaks by Seattle native Quincy Jones, who had become almost a messiah-like figure to local musicians. But just as many of the groups were on the verge of breaking out, the fickle public turned its ear from funk to disco, and Seattle’s soul and funk scene slipped into obscurity.

By 2001, Seattle was known for grunge music, Microsoft, and coffee. There seemed to be nothing left of a Seattle soul music scene until local record collector DJ Mr. Supreme found a dusty Black on White Affair 45 called ‘Bold Soul Sister’ in a 99 cent bin at a Seattle Center record show. By 2003 he had a rough impression of a once-thriving scene and a hefty collection of Seattle soul and funk 45s, some of which were beginning to fetch upwards of $2000. Supreme approached local record label Light In The Attic with the idea of releasing a Seattle soul and funk compilation. Light In The Attic spent twelve months tracking down the artists and fleshing out the story of Seattle’s funky past, and the result was a CD compilation entitled Wheedle’s Groove. At the Wheedle’s Groove CD release party in August of 2004, a line of nostalgic 60-year-olds and funk-hungry 20-year-olds wrapped around the building as the musicians inside, now janitors and graphic designers and truck drivers, prepared to perform together for the first time in 30 years.

The players paint a vivid scene of an incredible cultural explosion inside a community transformed by the black power movement. But as one musician after another had to turn away from music as a career, only a young Kenny G, after leaving the primarily black funk band that gave him his start, was able to rise to the level of success that everyone in the scene had dreamt of. Most had to radically alter their vision of how they would live their lives.

Looking back, each player sees the one painful place where a decision or an event started them down a path away from music. A disagreement with a more well-known singing band that they were backing, a fight over a woman, a decision to pass up an opportunity to leave the band and tour with Curtis Mayfield all remain frozen in memory to be analyzed and rewound and analyzed again. That moment for one band was a misunderstanding-turned falling-out with Quincy Jones, who had been helping them out in Los Angeles. When asked to recall his part in the story, Quincy Jones remembered nothing.

With the rediscovery of the music came write-ups in national magazines, world-wide distribution, and finally a sense of redemption.

WEDNESDAY November 17th Doors 7:30 Showtime @ 8pm
Ninth St. Independent Film Center
145 9th St. SF, CA 94103


Thursday, July 8, 2010

 Kidz Show: Movies * Music * Matinee Kimba'a Cave

Sunday July 25th
doors at 12:30
showtime 1:00-3:00pm                              
free parking on 9th st.
$3 kids
$5 adults

curated by James Kimba Anderson

Featuring  Music by THE MONKEYBUTTS. San Francisco's very own Monkey-faced pop stars playing their own hits and favorites from the 60's, 70's, and 80's. This
combination of catchy tunes, Monkeyfun, and Kooky Kids will spiral into
an interactive sing along dance party for all ages.

After a brief intermission, buckle up for the 24 minute wild ride called KIMBA'S CAVE The Movie, a silly-spooky-groovy-ghoulie movie in the spirit of Pee wee's playhouse and
H.R. Puffnstuff.
Plus cartoons, snack bar, a few surprises and added attractions.
Check details for this event at www.kimbascave.com or  www.themonkeybutts.com
and magicbusmovienight.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, April 7, 2010



Filmmaker Brendan Toller unleashes" I Need That Record! The Death (or possible survival) of the independent record store," a documentary feature examining why over 3000 independent record stores have closed across the U.S. in the past decade.

Greedy record labels, media consolidation, homogenized radio, big box stores, Ecommerce, shoddy "starts" pushed by big money, and the digital revolution all pose threats on the very well being of our favorite record stores and the music industry at large. Will these stores die? Will they survive?

Featuring- Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth, Ian Mackaye of Dischord Records Fugazi/Minor Threat, activist/author Noam Chomsky, Mike Watt of the Minutemen, Lenny Kaye guitarist of the Patti Smith Group, Chris Frantz of the Talking Heads/Tom Tom Club, guitar composer Glenn Branca, Patterson Hood of the Drive-By Truckers, Pat Carney of the Black Keys, punk author Legs McNeil, rock photographer Bob Gruen, BP Helim and many indie record stores across the US of A. Animations by Matt Newman.

Plays with rockin' shorts (stay tuned for details)

Doors 7pm Moveez at 8pm
Ninth ST. Independent Film Center
145 Ninth St.
SF CA 94103
$5 at the door.

Monday, February 15, 2010

D TOUR DVD release party/screening

Thursday February 18th Doors 7pm movie @ 8pm

A Rock and Roll film about Life, Death and Bodily functions

Pat Spurgeon is the charismatic drummer of the Oakland, California based indie rock band Rogue Wave and has only one kidney, which is failing. Pat’s search for a new organ and his inspiring ability to balance health and work form the center of D tour. As the film begins, he has a tube inserted in his stomach for twice-daily dialysis, a process that simulates kidney function. Even if dialysis should be done only in a sterile environment, Pat wants to gig and the band hits the road on what they dub their D(ialysis) Tour. Interweaving live performances from a benefit concert, Jim Granato's award-winning documentary is a unique travelogue, raising issues of friendship, self-preservation, identity, health care, indie rock and, most notably, organ donation.

Curated and attended by director Jim Granato

thurs. feb. 18th doors 7pm show 8pm $5

ninth st. independent film center
145 9th st.
san francisco 94103

Monday, January 11, 2010

Blood Orgy of the Leather Girls

Screening Thursday January 28th Doors 7pm Movies 8pm.

Michael Lucas Curates

Blood Orgy of the Leather Girls tells the story of four high school girls and the drastic changes in attitude each of them undergoes in a particularly momentous (and violent) twenty-four hours.

The four girls, led by Sarah (a Jewish girl with a Hitler fixation, played by Robin Gingold), react against the tedium of their lives with random violence. After the boy-crazy Rawhide (Melissa Lawrence) sees the religious Dorothea (Simone Margolis) pass out at the afternoon tea dance at St. Jerome's School for girls, she realizes that Dorothea has been assaulted and the level of violence perpetrated by the girls increases drastically as the boys and hunted down, captured and subjected to brutal torture at the hands of the Amazonian Fleabrain ( Jo Ann Wyman).

Assorted dissections, dismemberments, castrations, disembowelments, tortures, knife fights, cold-blooded shootings, drug hallucination "freak out" scenes and philosophical digressions mantain the film's delirious narrative.

Although this picture has never received an official release or distribution a fantastic soundtrack from Planet Pimp Records is available at your nearest Wal-Mart. Pick one up today.

Mr. Lucas will be present to discuss this picture as well as show us some of his favorite clips in pre-show.

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sountrack link:

Ninth st. Independent Film Center
145 9th St.
San Francisco CA 94103

Doors @ 7pm Movie-time 8PM